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Week 27: Move In!

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Week 26: Finishing touches part 2

Plumbing, painting, glass, cleaning, duct cleaning.... the house was very busy this week!  Dave and Jess needed to get in a week earlier than planned, so we're making it happen!    

Week 25: Finishing touches part 1

Ingrid came in today to install the three wall murals in the kid's rooms as well as the wallpaper in the powder room.  Pretty cool murals!  Can I get a Star Wars one?!

Week 24: Countertops

Tada!  Right before the leaves fell, Lorin finished the front walk.  Looking good!  We won't replace the driveway until the spring. Fred installed the laundry units... My friends from Cornerstone Marble and Granite came in to install all of the countertops.  Love these guys! Soon after, Fred (the other Fred!) started the herringbone subway tile backsplash in the kitchen. Jampa continues to work away...

Week 23: Landscaping and kitchen

Lorin, the front landscape contractor, was busy this past week getting all of the elements measured and laid out.  By the end of the week, the front steps were in, as was the grass! Inside, Fred, the installer from Marcon Kitchens came in exactly on schedule and started the installation of the kitchen.  He works alone, quietly and efficiently and has been doing a great job.

Week 22: Paint and stain

Paint samples abound inside as we work out the paint schedule.  Meanwhile, outside, Nawkaw came by to put three sample colours on the outside.  We are using their permeable masonry stain product which I've used a few times in the past to great success. Once approved, you can see the final results below...

Week 21: Basement flooring and front door

With most of the big deliveries in the house, we had John from A&J Windows install the front door so we could trim it out properly on the inside. Jampa began floor leveling applications in the basement.  We are doing our best working with the existing slab, but it's not easy finding a happy balance of "what is level" sometimes.